CIS 502 Midterm Set 2 CIS 502 Midterm Set 2

CIS 502 Midterm Set 2 Click Below Link To Purchase 1 An organization recently underwent an audit of its financial applications. The audit report stated that there were several segregation of duties issues that were related to IT support of the application. What does this mean? • 2 A security manager is developing a data classification policy. What elements need to be in the policy? • 3 An organization employs hundreds of office workers that use computers to perform their tasks. What is the best plan for informing employees about security issues? • 4 An organization suffered a virus outbreak when malware was download by an employee in a spam message. This outbreak might not have happened had the organization followed what security principle: • 5 A security manager is performing a quantitative risk assessment on a particular asset. The security manager wants to estimate the yearly loss based on a particular threat. The correct way to calculate this is::