CIS 436 Week 10 Assignment 2 CIS 436 Week 10 Assignment 2

CIS 436 Week 10 Assignment 2: XYZ Company Troubleshooting and Maintenance Plan Click Below Link To Purchase company-troubleshooting-and-maintenance-plan Assignment 2: XYZ Company Troubleshooting and Maintenance Plan Due Week 10 and worth 170 points Use the same scenario from Assignment 1. In addition, XYZ Company is heavily invested in e- Commerce with all retail locations’ Point of Sale systems connected so that it maintains a dynamic inventory and automatically generates restock orders. The XYZ Company engineers have configured the WAN-based Intranet using IPSec to support all of these locations via encrypted VPN links connected to the nearest regional distribution center. XYZ Company has an enterprise network consisting of a core backbone, corporate campus, two (2) data centers, regional distribution centers, and Internet Edge with a DMZ. For better security, the retail Point of Sale systems does not have direct Internet access. At the corporate campus, the seven (7) departments in the company include Finance, Operations, Human Resources, Sales, Marketing, Technology, and the Corporate Executive Office. The company provides appropriate computing equipment to all of its employees. It also provides remote access for the system and network administrators using company-provided encrypted laptops and two (2) factor authentication to access the XYZ Company network in order to provide off- hours support. Due to recent major security concerns in its campus network, XYZ Company redesigned the infrastructure so that it: Implements VLAN segments segregating servers, workstations, and printers on separate VLANs.