CIS 336 Group Project CIS 336 Group Project

CIS 336 Group Project Click Below Link To Purchase This project is designed to touch all aspects of the fundamental concepts of database design and logical data modeling covered during the class. Each student will be responsible for designing, developing, and demonstrating the functionality of a database created based on a set of business specifications that you create. At the end of the session, each student will submit a report that includes the logical and physical design of the database and demonstrates the database's ability to deliver meaningful reports. All aspects of the project will be covered during the week or weeks prior to a deliverable, and each task deliverable in the project will be supported through the exercises and labs done in the course. Guidelines You will create a proposal for a commerce business of your choosing. This can be an actual or fictional business that sells products and/or services. You will determine the business rules and report requirements. Entities that must be included in your model are the following. Customer Product (or Service) Order Project Deliverables This task is broken down into four deliverables.