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Eliteā„¢ panels come with our standard white proprietary grout sealant, but we also offer

custom grout colors and silicone sealants.


Glass Options

We offer two different fire rated glass blocks designed to meet either a 60 min or 90 min

fire rating. Panels are shipped fully prefabricated and ready to install. Hollow glass blocks are available in six inch, eight inch or twelve inch squares in three inch or four inch thicknesses. Choose from standard wavy or clear, pattern glass, other glass block patterns may also be available.


Sizes Available

Several common panel sizes are available to choose from. Custom sizes, shapes or radius

cylinder type configurations are also available.


Load Capabilities

We custom design and engineer our panels to withstand severe wind load requirements

and other structural specific criteria.


increased workforce productivity

The proven effects on office workers who are exposed to natural daylight shows improved performance on tests of attention and alertness. Reports have shown that workers productivity increased by as much as 15%, help in savings and give companies an edge over their competition. Some companies note a lower rate of absenteeism among their workers as well.