Circle Redmont Magazine - Page 17



PSG2000™ and Outlook® sky lighting systems are delivered as a complete system and can

be designed for virtually any configuration. Our PSG 2000™ Sky lighting system is available prefabricated or can be glazed on site. We offer single or tandem unit assemblies for both systems. We also offer custom frame colors and shapes. Outlook® Skylight aluminum frameworks come with our standard bronze painted finish and an unfinished pine wood interior trim. PSG2000™ frameworks come with our standard white painted finish. Custom framework colors are available.


Glass Options

Both systems are incorporate clear Impact Insulated Low-E glass. Other glass options

available are bronze or gray tint or solar reflective glass.


Common Sizes Available

Twenty five common panel sizes are available for single and tandem assemblies. Custom shapes are also available.


Load Capabilities

We can custom design and engineer our skylights to withstand severe wind load requirements.


Natural lighting improves health

According to a variety of recent studies, day lighting can be significantly healthier for workplace employees. This is because natural sunlight provides a brighter, more efficient light with less glare than artificial interior lighting. This can result in less worker fatigue, eyestrain and ultimately higher productivity as well. The exposure to natural daylight creates a healthier atmosphere for workers, resulting in less stress during the day, as well as healthier and restful sleeping patterns at night.