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Outlook® & PSG2000™ Skylight Systems offer versatile skylight design possibilities and can be completely customized to your project’s requirements. Outlook® systems offer

a classic wood interior while PSG2000™ offers a lower exterior profile and internal metal channel system.

Intended Use

Outlook® and PSG2000™ Skylights were developed for commercial and

distinctive residential applications where a structural, custom sky lighting configuration is desired. Outlook® and PSG2000™ skylights can be used as skyridges, hipridges, pyramids, greenhouses or custom assemblies.


Our skylight systems are a single sourced, engineered and factory prefabricated panel system. In

addition, our proprietary glass setting and waterproof composite materials in our fabrication methods have been time tested and perfected over the last 50 years. All of this ensures you get a durable, warrantied glass panel solution that performs extremely well for both interior and exterior environments.




Skylight Systems