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Sizes and Shapes

81R™ panels may be installed in tandem to

cover virtually any size opening with intermediate support provided by others or Circle Redmont® can engineer a structural support sub-frame. Panels may not exceed fifteen square feet overall or five feet in one direction for a 100 lb load and may not exceed nine square feet overall, or five feet in one direction for 600 lb load.



Paver Options

81R™ panels incorporate

one and a half inch round glass bullet pavers which can be clear or sandblasted to provide greater diffused light distribution and slip resistance.


Load Capabilities

81R™ panels are available in two thicknesses: 1) Commercial Loading (one

and a half inches thick: approximately 38lbs per square foot) 2) Sidewalk loading (four inches thick: approximately 95lbs per square foot)



Choose from a variety of surface finishes including standard black patina finish or

custom paint colors. Vintage cast iron develops a protective film or scale on the surface which makes it initially more resistant to corrosion than wrought iron or mild steel.






Available in clear, sandblasted top

or bottom

Unfortunately during World War II, many of the sidewalks that incorporated these specialized glass bullet pavers had to be covered with concrete to observe the mandatory black out rules for national security reasons and were forgotten about for decades. Now that these subway lines are being renovated, Circle Redmont® has remastered the paver designs of the past to retain the old world charm of natural lighting. Improved structural integrity and system components require very little maintenance. Circle Redmont is New York City's reliable source for this preservation solution.