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91R™ panels steel framework are finished with Circle Redmont™ epoxy primer white 2-part

urethane high gloss top coat. Stainless steel panels are finished with our non-directional beadblast finish. Other paint colors and stainless steel finishes are available.


Plank options

Our plank glass can be custom sized and cut. Plank glass is available in standard or low iron (near colorless glass). Circle Redmont highly recommends an overall sandblast finish on the top surface to improve slip resistance.


Sizes & Shapes

91R™ Plank Glass & Metal panels are designed and engineered to each project’s requirements.

Structural metal frameworks can be designed to span virtually any opening. Whatever the size and shape of your area, plank glass can be cut to accommodate the radius and other geometric shapes.


Load Capabilities

91R™ plank glass panels incorporate special composite glass units into a structural metal

framework custom engineered for each project's unique loading and aesthetic requirements. Overall panel thickness and framework design varies with span, loading and aesthetic requirements.


Clear, sandblasted top,

sandblast bottom and custom

patterns are available

Economical Benefits of green living

With today’s skyrocketing utility costs, one of the greatest benefits of natural lighting is the long term savings that recycled daylight provides. This can represent a savings of thousands of dollars a year for large businesses. The Department of Energy estimates that by installing effective skylights and panels, a business can cut its usage of traditional artificial lighting by as much as 80 percent, resulting in substantially lower utility bills.