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ten artists we love

The who ’ s who of Manitoba ’ s art scene .
1 . Eric Ouimet ’ s Warhol-reminiscent pieces provide captivating glimpses into everyday prairie life . Raised on a farm near Ste- Agathe , MB , Ouimet has honed his remarkable ability to highlight rural scenes beyond their sometimes monotonous palette . Using a bold graphic style , limited-quantity handmade screenprints illustrate colourblocked vignettes of Manitoba . Both comfortingly familiar and excitingly novel , the contemporary medium manages to be vibrant and concise . Prints are available for purchase at Pulse gallery and directly through the artist ’ s website ranging in price from $ 195- $ 315 .
2 . Larry Rich fell in love with art the day he stepped foot in his university graphic design class . He soon began exploring analogue mediums , like painting on canvas , as well . Rich ’ s vibrant renditions of Manitoban landscapes have
been displayed all around the world . As a child , Rich was fascinated with the way skylines changed when viewed from different angles . From his current home just outside Winnipeg , he enjoys a closeness to nature that allows him to envision his next painting . His work is available at Larry Rich Studio , pricing dependent on painting size .
3 . Fascinated by the commonplace at a young age , Cindy Dyson began drawing as a child to find refuge from her challenging childhood . Her paintings and observations reveal both the wistfulness and preciousness of a fleeting moment , presented through splashes of colour that exude energy and life . Her work captures street scenes and landscapes of Winnipeg ’ s cultural hubs like the Exchange District and downtown core . On display at Pulse Gallery , pieces in her emblematic style range in price from $ 1200- $ 4400 .
4 . Kathleen Kolba explores emotions through abstract expressionism . For more than forty years , the experimental artist has depicted Canadian typography through expressive form , colour , line and texture . Growing up in Manitoba with limited artistic resources , Kolba draws from childhood observations during family excursions on the highway , sketching scenes on brown paper bags . A lover of alchemy , she also creates tactile pieces using construction scraps , tile , grout and gel glazes . Kolba has a typically “ loose and somewhat urgent ” approach to the canvas , shown through as though sudden bursts of colour . On display at Birchwood Art Gallery , pieces range in price from $ 750- $ 3000 .
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