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last bite movie man Film and Special Events Manager Kenny Boyce tells all about what makes Peg City perfect for pictures. How many years have you been welcoming movie stars and film makers to Winnipeg? I’ve been very lucky and blessed to work in the film and cultural community for 25 years. You’ve been a city champion for as long as I’ve known you. Why Answer do you love Question? it so much? I’m a proud Winnipegger, a North End boy, and I choose this city for all its great things: its vibrant arts and cultural community, four distinct seasons! Why do film producers like coming to Winnipeg? Our skilled local crews! They are able to rise to challenges and come in on time and on budget - visiting producers appreciate that. What are the most popular locations that get used? Downtown and the Exchange, they pose well as other cities. River Heights and Wellington Crescent are popular - big homes can accommodate a lot of people. What do you like to show the stars when they are here? I show them Winnipeg’s finest. We have so many great things to see, a world-class ballet and hockey team, the Human Rights Museum (CMHR), cottage country and Lake Winnipeg! What surprises visiting film crews about this city? They are wowed by how much we have for a city of this size, the Exchange and the long sunset hours. Everyone looks beautiful on camera in golden sunlight. What do celebrities love here that might surprise locals? They love great food and are blown away by the quality of restaurants and options we have. Where do you take visitors to show them Winnipeg’s beauty? I adore owner- operated restaurants (and shops!), their cuisine is made with love. Walking into a place where someone knows your name, that’s a beautiful thing. The energy at a Jets game is unlike anything else in the world, and also beautiful for them to see. Photography by David Lipnowski 52 ciao! / oct/nov / two thousand nineteen What is the best feedback you’ve received about our city? That “we are the nicest people you’ll ever meet”! The number of return productions we get is the biggest compliment!