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At Efficiency Manitoba , we ’ re dedicated to helping you save energy , money , and
the environment .
Here are some of our top tips to help you save energy and money in your kitchen :
• Set your fridge to 4 ° C and your freezer to -18 ° C .
• Clean your refrigerator coils regularly to let heat dissipate efficiently . Vacuuming the grill beneath or behind your refrigerator regularly will help extend the life of your refrigerator compressor .
• Put a piece of paper in your fridge door and close the door . If the paper slides out when you pull it , there ’ s a good chance the seal isn ’ t tight and should be cleaned or replaced .
• Keep your fridge away from heat sources , including stoves , sunlight , heaters , and hot rooms .
• Let hot food cool slightly before putting it in the fridge . This will keep your fridge from having to work too hard to stay cold .
• Always run full loads of dishes .
• Use an energy-saving cycle if your dishwasher has one . Your dishwasher will run at a lower temperature , use less hot water , and save energy .
• Open your dishwasher door after the final rinse to let the dishes air dry ( humidity permitting ).
• Reduce the amount of hot water your kitchen sink uses by installing a low-flow faucet aerator .
• Need new kitchen appliances ? You can get a rebate of up to $ 100 on an ENERGY STAR ® certified fridge and a $ 50 rebate on an ENERGY STAR Most Efficient dishwasher ! Go to efficiencyMB . ca / savemore for a list of eligible products .
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