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A wide selection of share-ables promotes lively socializing . Crispy fried cauliflower bites are coated in a combo of sweet and spicy barbeque sauce and a “ snow ” of dehydrated cheese , which adds a salty edge . Braised beef tacos blend warm bites of succulent meat with robust birria dip and classic condiments . Chicken souvlaki and hot sandwich platters stream out of the kitchen to groups reaching across their tables to dip and taste .
Entrees combine variety with familiar comfort . A single giant perogy , playfully called “ The Perogy ” covers the entire dinner plate . The dumpling is perfectly filled with a novel potato-cranberry combo and topped with dill cream , caramelized onions , and slices of kielbasa and scallions . The size proves to be no challenge . Mushroom stroganoff , a succulent and generous tangle of
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pappardelle noodles slathered in herb cream sauce and meaty mushrooms is a plant-based winner .
A silky mountain of mashed potatoes sits beneath the meal ’ s — and possibly the menu ’ s — main attraction . Braised short rib surrounded by tender green peas and swimming in onion-laced red wine jus is topped with a mess of tart pickled shallots . This beef dinner in a bowl is quickly becoming a front runner for our favourite plate coming out of this kitchen .
Well-founded excitement surrounding the re-opening of one of Winnipeg ’ s most iconic spaces is palpable . “ The Pumphouse ” now offers an energetic dining experience with a glorious window to the past . Its new restaurant-attraction status has set it up for a prosperous future .
James Ave Pumphouse is open
Mon to Thu 11 am - 11 pm , Fri and Sat 11 am - 12 am , Sun 11 am - 10 pm .
Neighbourhood ....... Downtown Address ............... 232 Main St Phone ............. 204-306-6404 Entrées ...................... $ 7- $ 15
Sandwiched amid some of the city ’ s oldest buildings lining Main street , a new lunch diner was added to the mix of downtown eateries this summer . Modern Electric Lunch is a celebration of day eating , opening early enough to entice those still doing breakfast meetings in the core . Named as an homage to a former tenant from the mid 1950s ( famed for being the first eatery to have its own electric refrigerator ), it now welcomes diners with the sounds of

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