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A few quick and easy tips to keep your lawn safe this winter .

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A few quick and easy tips to keep your lawn safe this winter .

Reduce traffic on your lawn .
Grass blades are far less flexible and very fragile in winter . Walking on the snow on your lawn can cause damage that you do not see until spring arrives and the weather warms up . While exposed areas of the lawn soak up the sun and start growing , the blades under these snowy tracks stay hidden and are slow to recover .
Stake out property lines .
It ’ s easy to lose sight of your where your driveway ends and lawn begins when your property is coated with a thick layer of snow . Use colorful stakes to mark areas of your property to protect your turf from shovel , tire , and snow plow damage .
Rock salt and snow melt .
Products used to melt ice and snow can settle on the edges of your lawn , hurting the grass and stopping it from growing in the spring . Use an alternative product that is safe for turf or remove excess salt or snow melt to avoid damage .
Buy a better shovel .
Choose a back-friendly shovel that allows you to easily remove snow from your driveway and sidewalks and avoid cutting into the edge of the lawn .

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