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ciao! reviews wat satisfy the spice adverse without compromising taste. Tender nubs of beef bathe in bright turmeric, garlic Neighbourhood . . . . . West End and onion. Mellow gomen be spiga blends kale with melt-in-the-mouth Address. . . . . 533 Sargent Ave chunks of beef, Gojo’s special spices and sneaky jalapeño, adding minor Phone . . . . . . . . 204-615-0785 heat. Cool off with a bottle of icy Entrées . . . . . . . . . . . . $9-$13 St. George lager, the perfect brew to wash it all down. Sourdough flatbread made with Gojo Ethiopian Restaurant is teff flour is the back-bone of nearly open Tue-Sun 10 am-9 pm. every Ethiopian dish, acting as the canvas for colourful wots (stews) AURORA PIZZERIA AND CAFÉ and buttery tibs (sautéed meats) at West End eatery Gojo. While forks Neighbourhood . . . . . Corydon and knives are available, owner Solomon Meshesha cheerily dem- Address. . . . . 842 Corydon Ave onstrates the traditional way to dig Phone . . . . . . . . 204-615-9644 in, ripping off pieces of this injera bread and using it to scoop up the Entrées . . . . . . . . . . . $10-$30 aromatic mixes. A tiny pitcher of vibrant emerald Aptly lodged in the bustling sauce brought to the table immedi- strip of Little Italy, Aurora Pizzeria ately entices. Its heat is intense but and Café is the place to go for well matched with vinegar, garlic unpretentious, authentic Italian. and tons of fresh cilantro. Pour it The owners, a first-generation sparingly over everything for a won- Roman family, have brought their derful flavour osmosis. unique touch (and crisp crusts!) Ordering the veggie combo is to Winnipeg’s richly populated a must. Nutrient dense lentils, Italian community. split peas and chickpeas are cur- This pizzeria has arguably one of ried into a paste-like consistency the best patios in the city; secluded perfect for mixing with mouthfuls but still close enough to the buzz of of tender lamb tibs sautéed with Corydon Avenue that passersby can green pepper in a spiced butter. enviously look on as guests snack Kitfo (lean minced beef ) can be on egg-shaped arancini. Break the prepared raw like tartare, or lightly golden-crisp exteriors of these cooked to resemble a deconstructed Sicilian street eats to reveal a layer hamburger patty. It’s seasoned with of risotto encircling gooey fior di blazing mitmita and served with latte cheese, bright peas and meat tangy house-made ayibe, a drier sauce. cottage cheese that cools off the Gracious servers encourage warming sensation. ordering like an Italiano—primi Ethiopia’s national dish, doro before pizza—and Aurora herself wat, a memorable and richly fla- suggests the arista (thinly sliced voured chicken stew heavily spiced Tuscan pork loin) with pasta. At first with fiery berbere, is deliciously hot bite, it’s obvious why the restaurant’s without overpowering taste buds. namesake loves it. Luscious mush- A hard-boiled egg bobbing within room sauce—just briny enough to turns out to be a stellar companion get taste buds watering—bathes to the scorching sauce. chewy penne and tender pork in Although it’s clear that Ethiopians glistening cream. A vibrant shower love spice, milder options like alecha of parsley adds freshness and colour GOJO ETHIOPIAN RESTAURANT to the plate. Bitter rapini sautéed with Italian sausage, another pre-pizza offering, renders a creamy, craveable sauce that clings to the crannies of al denté orecchiette pasta. A heavy dose of Romano cheese sharpens it up. Fragrant pizza Napoletana is up next. Pillowy dough retains a good amount of chew and char, perfect for carrying tastefully brackish top- pings like tuna, white onions and a generous smattering of green olives. For a classic red sauce pie, go for the traditional pizza napoli, sauced with tangy San Marzano tomatoes and topped with salty anchovies. Sit back, relax and linger over imported glasses of vino long after the sun goes down and plates are cleared at this laid-back neighbourhood spot. Aurora Pizzeria and Café is open Tue-Sun 10 am-9 pm. BBQ HUT PAKISTANI GRILL Neighbourhood . . . . . West End Address. . 435 Notre Dame Ave Phone . . . . . . . . 204-221-4144 Entrées . . . . . . . . . . . . $5-$34 Pakistani cuisine is characterized by its bold spices, flavourful cuts and, perhaps most importantly, traditional cooking methods. BBQ Hut Pakistani Grill has quickly gained a following since ignit- ing its grills in the city’s eclectic West End July 2018. Hot chiles, juicy chops and savoury stews are commonplace on this restaurant’s meat-forward menu of regional favourites. Ke b a b s a re i nv a l u a b l e to Pakistan’s food culture, dating back to a time when meat was speared on swords and cooked over a blazing fire. The skewers used here are long, saber-like rods. Rows of chicken, beef, mutton and lamb are impaled and cooked over grills before being ciao! / aug/sep / two thousand nineteen 23