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YOUR EXCLUSIVE MEETING PLACE A luxury ship at sea or on a river is the perfect way to bring people together and to reward them. Imagine chartering a whole ship and theming it for your exclusive use anywhere in the World, at any time… There are many ways in which you or your client can benefit from taking your group on a ship. Choosing the right ship and itinerary means that you can effectively YOUR LUXURY CRUISE EXPERT ◆ Bring people together following a restructure or merger, for example ◆ Create a contained and secure location for your seminar or conference (but you can also combine onboard activities with land activities if you choose) ◆ Reinforce or build your brand, with whole- ship theming: the ship is an exclusive, additional location for your business ◆ Create unique experiences for your group, with bespoke itineraries, onboard activities & amenities, food and shore excursions Small yachts in particular can take you and your group where other ships cannot go. Yet they can still visit signature ports and landmarks: the best of both worlds. WHAT IS POSSIBLE Depending on the vessel and location, the very widest range of events can work well on board your ‘floating hotel’. On our boutique yachts, for example, your senior managers can assemble privately and without distraction to develop your organisation’s next business plan. A small luxury cruise ship can provide the perfect incentive reward for a small group of your top performers. A larger luxury cruise ship can provide an ideal venue for a fair or plenary conference. The actual ‘event’ is only the start of what is possible, however. With a charter, you can create a unique experience for your group, including bespoke air travel, transfers and land experiences aboard an intimate yacht that has all the comforts of a luxury cruise ship. You might choose to combine customised land trips (relevant to your business, perhaps) with team-building activities and challenges; or take advantage of a small yacht’s freedom to sail almost anywhere, to create an unrepeatable experience in a little-known or unspoilt corner of the World. What’s possible? You decide. HOW IT WORKS Start by selecting The Cruise Line as your luxury cruise expert for conference and incentive groups. There are always ships in most locations around the Globe. In most cases, a ship must be booked from 18 months in advance; some smaller ships and yachts can be booked just 12 months in advance. Generally speaking, ships are not made available less than 12 months in advance without paying and compensating existing passengers for changing their itinerary. Once your ideal vessel and location have been sourced, we will work with you to create the ideal itinerary, whether your trip is business-focused or a relaxing and interesting reward for your incentive ‘qualifiers’. WHERE YOU CAN GO You can travel practically anywhere depending on global positioning and vessel size, of course. Larger ships are ideal for visiting signature ports and sights (Venice, Singapore, New York, Sydney) whilst smaller vessels and river boats can work well in the Mediterranean or on European rivers, in Northern Europe and in the Baltic, for example. OUR CATEGORIES We can offer three principal categories of vessel for your event: 1. Small yacht/boutique ship 2. Small luxury cruise ship 3. Large luxury cruise ship