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In the early 1970s, Power Access saw the ever-growing need for reliable accessibility solutions for individuals experiencing difficulty navigating doorways, so we developed a patented automatic door opener system and have been manufacturing our automatic openers and related door controls since. Today, thousands of Power Access automatic openers have been installed on church doors throughout the United States and Canada, promoting a safe and comfortable Uni environment for worhippers of all ages and abilities. Power Access automatic door openers are reliable and cost-effective. Speciiic to church customers, we offer commercial models suitable for all interior and exterior side-hinged doors. • The Model 4300 commercial opener increases overall building accessibility, and is well-suited for entryways, restrooms, and heavily frequented common areas. • Adding automatic door openers throughout the church campus promotes inclusion in worship and peace-of-mind for congregants with family members needing safe and independent access. Installation and set-up is a seamless process. Power Access provides the industry’s friendliest installation guides and offers 24/7 technical support and impeccable customer service. Our operators easily integrate with most types of locksets and electronic security systems in cases where added security is essential. Church customers receive courtesy discounts off MSRP pricing for buying equipment directly through us and handling the installation on their end. Our support team is available from the moment we first connect on a project throughout the equipment’s functional lifetime to ensure the successful and reliable operation of each and all Power Access door openers. P ower Access assures our customers the following with each and every automatic door opener purchase: • • • • • • Reliability: made in the USA since 1972 Warranty: 10-year major component warranty Durability: openers operate doors for decades Confidence: ADA-compliant and easy to install equipment Security: 20 pounds of closing force with electric strike use Support: 24/7 technical assistance via dedicated phone line At Power Access, we believe doors are not barriers that hinder an individual’s independence; rather, we feel doors represent a pathway to personal freedom and new growth opportunities, regardless of physical limitation. As ‘America’s Durable Door Opener’, we are proud of the company we have built, the products we manufacture, and the positive change in the mobility world we are helping to drive forward, through one open door at a time. CALL US TODAY: 800034440088 | VISIT US ONLINE: WWW.POWERRACCESS.COM