CHRISTUS Spohn Foundation 2019 Annual Report - Page 7

A Covenant of Service and Compassion for the Community. Throughout his life, Kenneth D. Roseman, longtime Rabbi and community leader, has tried to honor his faith which he says calls him “to love a neighbor as yourself, care for the poor and least among us and do good and charitable works for others.” At CHRISTUS Spohn, Roseman says he has found a group of people just as committed to the same life of service and compassion that he has always tried to follow. Roseman says the health system certainly means a lot to him because of the CHRISTUS Spohn mission to care for all in the Coastal Bend. “One of the things that clearly is meaningful to my life is making sure that every person in this community has access to good health care,” Roseman shared. “That we take care of everyone in the same way that we would like to be taken care of when we are sick.” He describes his involvement with the health system in two terms: What it takes to be faithful to his covenant with God and what it takes to be faithful in his own personal experience. As a longtime Board Member and Emeritus Director for the CHRISTUS Spohn Foundation, Roseman has found many ways to give back to the health system. Through the years, he has worked tirelessly to raise funds for a range of projects and improvements at CHRISTUS Spohn, helping to make possible the new North Tower, advanced technology and education. Roseman credits longtime friend and Foundation Board Member, Karen Urban, with first encouraging him to get involved and consider joining the board when a seat opened up. His deep connections in Corpus Christi have served the Foundation through the years as Roseman has encouraged others to give back through giving pledges that have elevated the level of high-quality care for patients and families at CHRISTUS Spohn. He is particularly proud of raising funds to provide for the Sam J. Susser Auditorium in the Graduate Medical Education Center at Shoreline, which serves as a training venue for young doctors training as Family Medicine and Emergency Medical Residents and for Nurses. The room was dedicated to Susser at the time of his 80th birthday. “It’s used for education of young doctors and nurses and others especially about family and emergency medicine,” Roseman shared. “It just made all the sense in the world and it just fit so beautifully. Sam was thrilled by the generosity of the community.” The project resonated with Roseman on a deep level, as he served for many years as a teacher and scholar and is a person who highly values sharing education and knowledge with others. Through his work with the Foundation, Roseman feels the Board has accomplished many great things by working together over the years creating a lasting impact in the community as CHRISTUS Spohn continues to grow into its next season of providing incredible care for South Texas. “I am thrilled when I hear doctors say that a corner has been turned and things have really improved,” Roseman said. “I know the investment that the Foundation and community have made in nursing education has really paid off. I saw that firsthand, with the exceptional and compassionate care on the floor. And that is a wonderful thing.” *Editor’s note: This donor profile was written following an interview with Rabbi Roseman on January 30, 2020. Sadly, Rabbi passed away on April 26, 2020, before this publication went to print. 7