CHRISTUS Spohn Foundation 2019 Annual Report - Page 17

Helping People One-on-One. “It’s not just raising money, it’s about helping people one-on-one,” Jordan shared. “It just means a lot to know you helped to raise funds for things that actually help people with their life and that means so much to their family.” As a Board Member, she works closely with the Foundation’s Ambassador Program, engaging in insightful one-on-one conversations with community leaders to share the great things happening at CHRISTUS Spohn and its vision for growth. Jordan’s experience with CHRISTUS Spohn is not just one of service, her husband and mother have also undergone several health care procedures within its hospital walls, linking the family with many dedicated physicians and nurses over the years. Looking ahead to the future of the health system, Jordan sees CHRISTUS Spohn’s services expanding as the South Texas community grows through more industry, residents and tourists. With world class health care facilities located right here in the Coastal Bend, families can be assured they will be cared for by CHRISTUS Spohn for years to come. “We’ve always had excellent care and have been very pleased,” she recalled. “Of course, it’s also close to your heart when you’ve received treatment there. We’re just grateful to the CHRISTUS Spohn team for taking great care of our family.” Jordan says giving back to the health system through service and philanthropy is something she owes the community who has given her so many years of success. When Jordan began her company 30 years ago, it was just herself in a small office. Now, L.K. Jordan & Associates has grown to include more than 60 full-time employees with offices throughout the state. Thanks to that success, Jordan feels a special obligation to give back to her community as a way of saying “Thank you” for their support. “The success that I get from business and the people we work with, I feel like I should share it with the community which brought it to us,” Jordan added. “We always try to commit funds that go to local organizations. We like to give back to people in our community that helped us grow.” Raised in Refugio, Jordan has come a long way from her humble beginnings to Corpus Christi where she has built a strong business network throughout her home state. Along the way, she has invested her time and energy into growing CHRISTUS Spohn as well, and is proud to see that hard work come to fruition through the opening of the Dr. Hector P. Garcia Memorial Family Health Center and the new Patient Care Tower at CHRISTUS Spohn Hospital-Shoreline. “I think it’s wonderful that people don’t have to go to Houston to get treatment. We’ve got state- of-the-art facilities so that people can be treated here and they don’t have to go out of town,” Jordan said. “The message that needs to go out is about the services we do offer and what our mission is at CHRISTUS Spohn.” One particular area of growth Jordan notes, is the number of homes and businesses being added to the city’s southside, and the opportunity for Christus Spohn-South Hospital to meet the need for critical health care services there. “They are opening up doors for people on that side of town so they don’t have to come all the way down here to Shoreline,” Jordan added. “I think it’s good to see Spohn being able to offer full service in these areas so that everyone can be able to get the benefits that coming to Shoreline gets you. I’m just happy to hear that Spohn is focusing on bringing those services to our existing facilities.” In the end, what sets CHRISTUS Spohn apart is its commitment to its historic mission of “extending the healing ministry of Jesus Christ” to all in the community, and the high-caliber nurses, physicians, associates and volunteers who provide expert and caring service, she said. “We’re a big team and we have wonderful professionals here - wonderful doctors, and an executive team that is always trying to make the community better,” Jordan said. “CHRISTUS Spohn cares.” 17