CHRISTUS Spohn Foundation 2019 Annual Report - Page 14

Beecroft Construction Sam Beecroft began working for his father at the age of 16 in the B.E. Beecroft Company, a family construction firm providing work and renovations in the Coastal Bend. At first the company provided small jobs for small businesses, but when Hurricane Celia struck the South Texas coast in 1970, everything changed. Suddenly there was high demand for contractors to rebuild the region after the devastating destruction from the unprecedented storm. One of the company’s first major projects was replacing a floor in Spohn Hospital, a bid they received from the hospital’s administrator Sister Kathleen Coughlin. It would be the start of a lifetime of service and stewardship between the Beecroft family and CHRISTUS Spohn Health System, one that continues to this day. “We very much value the relationship we have had with CHRISTUS Spohn over the years,” Beecroft shared. “We believe in the mission to provide care for everyone in the community and want to see it succeed.” Beecroft’s parents instilled a sense of giving back in their children through their own commitment to volunteerism and philanthropy. Like many women of the generation who were also busy as homemakers, Beecroft’s mother volunteered in the Fig Tree, a retail store which benefited Saint Bartholomew Episcopal Church. She worked tirelessly to raise money for the church and deeply believed in its compassionate mission. That care for the community has been passed down to Beecroft who is an active supporter of the annual CHRISTUS Spohn Golf Tournament and Lyceum Speaker Series, the proceeds from which provide for a range of services and equipment to care for patients at CHRISTUS Spohn. Sam and Melissa 2018 Lyceum 14 “Lyceum is the single most uplifting event that we have in this community. It’s a privilege to help to host an event year after year to make this community a better place,” Beecroft said. “We should strive to be better in every way, whether it be our streets, our schools, our health care, our hospital systems, we need to uplift ourselves educationally in every way and the Lyceum is a part of that,” he added. His personal business philosophy is “do what you say you are going to do.” Beecroft has undertaken a commitment to help CHRISTUS Spohn through the years and has followed through on that promise. He says the health system’s mission to “extend the healing ministry of Jesus Christ” is what motivates him each year to raise funds and volunteer at philanthropic events. “We as a community need to have the best health care available to everybody, for those who can pay and those who can’t,” Beecroft shared. “And I think that CHRISTUS Spohn is the best way we can hope to have that quality of health care for the whole community.” One of the projects Beecroft is most proud, is the Dan A. Hughes Family Hybrid Suite at CHRISTUS Spohn Hospital-Shoreline. The unique surgical suite combines the most advanced surgical and imaging technology available, coupled with spacious operating room allowing physicians to provide state-of-the-art treatment for cardiovascular and neurological disorders. Beecroft said the job was incredibly complex because of the proximity to other operating rooms and the ICU within the Shoreline Pavilion tower. He said it was thanks to the coordination and teamwork between Beecroft and CHRISTUS Spohn leadership who helped to make the project such a success. “That’s probably my favorite project that we’ve done for CHRISTUS Spohn because of the challenge, and it’s a beautiful suite.” Beecroft said. “The community had been needing that technology for a long time, so it was a tight schedule, but in the end everything was successful.” Though he has played a hand in helping CHRISTUS Spohn elevate the level of care in the Coastal Bend for many decades, Beecroft says there is still much work to be done.