CHRISTUS Spohn Foundation 2019 Annual Report - Page 13

Patty Mueller A Passion for Giving Back. door - whether doctor or patient or family or visitor or volunteer,” Mueller recalls. At the time, the Chief at Spohn Shoreline was Sister Kathleen Coughlin, who Mueller recalls as multi-talented, wise and futuristic. Mueller was a young mother just in her 30’s when she received a phone call from Sister Kathleen inviting her to become a member of the Board of Directors at Spohn. It set Mueller on a path of service and philanthropy that continues today. “To this day, in my 80’s, I still feel the surprise and gratitude I felt the day she called,” Mueller fondly remembers. “She had faith in me and for that I am grateful, because it gave me the impetus to give to the community some of my energies.” Patty Mueller was drawn to health care while growing up as the daughter of a well-respected general practitioner in Laredo. Her father was bilingual and his ability was reflected in a very large patient load. Patty says her father was devoted to his practice and was very much loved by his patients, who fondly referred to him as “El Doctor”. “I spent many a Sunday afternoon outside of Mercy Hospital waiting for him as he made his rounds. Sometimes, I would go with him as he made house calls, and observed him exuding such happiness when he visited a patient. Frequently his patients were cared for with no expectation of payment,” Mueller shared. Mueller says she has always admired the futuristic approach at CHRISTUS Spohn as it evolves with each decade while remaining true to the vocation of providing the highest quality care for its patients, both medical and spiritual. And she credits her parents with instilling a love for service and a spirit of giving back which still inspires her. “They left mighty big shoes to fill because wherever they saw a need, they did what they could to fill it,” Mueller said. “Their happiness came from their family and in service to God and to others.” Though her beloved husband Joe passed away in 2016 at age 90, Patty Mueller still keeps close ties to their cherished Corpus Christi community. She continues to be an advocate for the important role CHRISTUS Spohn plays in delivering care for South Texas families and visitors. “It is a pleasure to be able to say, “Thank you” to each and every person I worked with during my tenure with Spohn and then Christus Spohn, and then CHRISTUS Muguerza in Monterrey, Mexico,” Mueller shared. “Working with people who feel a need to give of their self to an institution that was a big part of the heart of the community was indeed a privilege and I thank them for their support,” she added. “And to each and every Sister I met on the journey, I thank you for the prayers you offered for my family and for me.” The doctors in the Laredo community took care of the people around them and viewed it as a real privilege, Mueller added. It was a philosophy she saw mirrored in the mission at CHRISTUS Spohn to “extend the healing ministry of Jesus Christ.” For the next several decades, the Mueller family was heavily involved in advocating for CHRISTUS Spohn and serving the organization in a variety of capacities through their dedication, hard work and philanthropy. 13