CHRISTUS Spohn Foundation 2019 Annual Report - Page 11

Dr. Osbert Blow, Dr. Nelly Garcia Blow and Bill Colston, Jr. Canales added. “They eagerly come and are happy to give back.” Looking ahead to the future of South Texas Charity Weekend, the group of co-chairs like to say: “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” With a decades-long tradition of giving, the charity weekend continues its proven record of doing good. And it’s thanks to its dedicated group of volunteers and leaders, each year which make South Texas Charity Weekend a success. One volunteer in particular, Darrell Nordeen, is a tireless devotee who has served the event for years behind the scenes, which surely would not run as smoothly without his oversight. Bill Colston, Jr., Stephen “Tio” Kleberg and Gus Canales, Co-Chairs of South Texas Charity Weekend It’s because of his passion and the passion of the many others involved in the South Texas Charity Weekend that the popular event continues to attract hundreds of donors each year who are more than willing to build up the community. “The fact that this event draws in people from all over the United States and raises a lot of money to help make our community better is amazing. We’re all really proud of that,” Colston said. Stephen “Tio” Kleberg, Charlie Duke and Red Steagall, South Texas Charity Weekend’s 2020 South Texan of the year 11