CHRISTIANS CARE. Spring 2016 - Page 7

Mphatlalatsane Meagan Peters ’18 the bank of the river. Soon B and C were far behind them. “Why are you coming, T?” H suddenly asked. T shrugged and mumbled something. H paused and leaned closer. T cleared his throat and tried again, “Because…because I remember light…real light.” Soon, they were below the Bridge. It was then that they realized their mistake. By following the bank, they were now below the Bridge. Facing a long and slippery slope to the entrance of the Bridge. But H was determined, she rolled up her sleeves and began to climb – pulling on weeds and grasping at roots to pull herself up. T followed much more slowly. Several times, one or the other slid. Once, H mis-stepped and slid into T. They froze, both trembling, until she got back her breath and kept climbing. A while later, T almost fell all the way down the bank when a tree root gave way. But H stopped and waited for him. Finally, they pulled themselves up onto the road. For several minutes, they lay on the ground – too exhausted to stand. But something made H look