CHRISTIANS CARE. Spring 2016 - Page 5

Embrace Lydia Yamaguchi ’13 Alleviating poverty and fighting against social injustice are good insofar as they are also used as instruments for this to take place. Notably, however, a Biblical worldview would ultimately trace the root of societal grievances to a rejection of the Gospel. Hence, it is only with a right understanding of the Gospel that the vision of true human flourishing as iterated by Jesus above will be fulfilled. Where Christians differ is how exactly we think this plays out practically in terms of political systems and public policy. On the other hand, we should agree that the Gospel is the essential underpinning in all of that. In your bid for fighting against the ills of the world, have you lost track of the centerpiece that God has given us, the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes? On a more individual note, as followers of Christ, working for social good must be done jointly with a commitment to personal holiness. One should not fight for racial justice without acknowledging one’s own unconscious racial biases. Such a lifestyle, for all the “good” that it may do, is displeasing to God. Ironically, it contributes to the some of the same problems one professes to combat. While God indeed has used sinful, unrepentant individuals to bring about a degree of human flourishing in this world, ultimately, each one of them will face His judgement. As Christians who care, let us be ever cognizant of the habitual sins that plague us, not putting ourselves on a pedestal as if we have arrived at a level of self-righteousness. Let us strive for personal holiness as much as or even more than we do for global justice. And let us remember that when He comes, He will right every wrong, wipe away every tear and there will no longer be any death, mourning, crying, or pain. In one sense, as Christians, we should be more committed to addressing injustice than anyone because we know the intended design of our Maker and how we have messed that up. True human flourishing can only be achieved by living as God’s people under God’s rule. Let me invite you to this vision that God has set for us. I pray that you will join us in living out His kingdom as followers of Christ. In Christ, Nicholas Chuan Editor-in-Chief Nicholas Chuan is a junior concentrating in physics and philosophy. Spring 2016 3