CHRISTIANS CARE. Spring 2016 - Page 3

Contents ART & PHOTOGRAPHY NON-FICTION FICTION & POETRY 3 Embrace LYDIA YAMAGUCHI 2 Letter from the Editor NICHOLAS CHUAN 4 Journey ISABELLA MARTINEZ 5 Mphatlalatsane MEAGAN PETERS 6 Love In Action ALANA FELTON 10 croWned OLUGBENGA JOSEPH 7 One Cross MEAGAN PETERS 9 Compelled By Love JESSICA ZAMBRANO 11 Reclamation GIANNA USON 8 Springtime SUJAY NATSON 12 Where Feet May Fail JOSHUA WANG 14 Our Spiritual Sojourn ROBERT MIDURA 10 Collide LAUREN GALVAN 15 One of God’s Greatest Gifts 18 In Deo Speramus ANNA DELAMERCED 13 Sparrow’s Way LAUREN GALVAN KEREN ALFRED 16 More Than Money OLUGBENGA JOSEPH 14 Lights of the World SUJAY NATSON 20 Composing Liturgical Space MATTHEW BARLEY 15 Chobe National Park MEAGAN PETERS 24 God Wants Us to Pursue Him In All That We Do SUJAY NATSON 17 Faith SUJAY NATSON 19 Yes, You Are My Lord OLUGBENGA JOSEPH 22 Altar Call LILY GEORGE 23 heaven’s eyes ANNA DELAMERCED 27 Senior Farewells 18 In Deo Speramus MEAGAN PETERS 19 All of the Lights SUJAY NATSON 28 Ministry Profile: Christian Union KYLEN SORIANO 22 Tree in the Maasai Mara MEAGAN PETERS 29 A Prayer for Brown and RISD REV. KIRSTIN BOSWELL-FORD 23 Sunset In The Mara MEAGAN PETERS Submissions & Inquiries Online 26 The Rock MEAGAN PETERS Mission Statement ns tia ris Ch Care Orphaned Children Domestic Abuse Cornerstone Magazine seeks first and foremost to celebrate the Christian Gospel by presenting its richness and beauty to Brown and RISD students and faculty. Open to those of all denominational persuasions, we provide a literary and artistic outlet for followers of Christ. We publish works of art, prose and poetry that exhibit intelligent and creative approaches to current events, history and Christianity in general.