Christian Review Magazine Issue 3 - March 2015 - Page 22

MOVIE REVIEW N Title: ROADMAP GENESIS Rating: Written by: Nolan Lebovitz Directed by: Nolan Lebovitz Genre: Drama Running Time: 78 minutes MPAA Rating: Not Rated Production Company: Roadmap Genesis Reviewed by: Christian St John Release Date: Out Now : DVD 22 > CHRISTIAN REVIEW MAGAZINE olan Lebovitz was an up and coming filmmaker when he decided to turn his back on Hollywood and train to become a Jewish Rabbi. His one feature credit was the psychological thriller, Tortured. And even though fame and fortune beckoned, he came to the conclusion that his movies were not making the world a better place. So Nolan set out to try and change the world for the better, and in 2012 he decided to merge his two passions - movie making and Bible study - and began working on a documentary feature. The finished film is entitled Roadmap Genesis, a documentary that more than suggests that the first book in The Bible is a universal book intended for all people at all times. The film’s basic premise is that the book of Genesis contains all that we need to turn society away from despair and decline, and back towards a path that leads to promise, prosperity, and accomplishment. A tall order to be sure. But when viewed not merely as a story, we can begin to see that Genesis is in fact a blueprint for all of life - society, money, family, etc. Furthermore, when we closely read and study Genesis we can also see that it is not only foundational for the rest of God’s Word, but also for all of life. As a production, Roadmap Genesis is a quality feature length documentary. On a technical level it’s both well made and easy to understand, always a good thing for a Bible based documentary. There are a couple of moments where I felt the film was a little vague and disjointed, and there could have been more life application throughout. But overall this is a highly educational and rewarding film. Although Roadmap Genesis was produced, written, and directed by a Jewish Rabbi, there is still plenty a Christian viewer can glean from this film. In fact, throughout the film scholars from both Christian and Jewish faith backgrounds are interviewed and talk about the relevance of Genesis, and The Bible in general, in today’s world. Although Roadmap Genesis can be watched by the individual, this is the kind of film that would work really well in study group, youth group, and church settings.