Christian Reader October 2008

The “ Good News ” Newspaper Vol . 16 No . 10 October 2008
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Yes We

Can !

In Less Then Thirty Days America Will Elect Its First Black President

By Darryl A . Barrs , Sr . Publisher / Managing Editor The Christian Reader Newspaper

The election of Barack Obama as President of the United States will usher in America ’ s First Black Family into the White House . Barack , Michelle , Malia and Sasha will permanently change the negative image of Black people . They will do what the Cosby Show could not because face it – it was only a television show . America will be forced to look at Blacks in a different light and then confess “ Yes We Can ” live life without violence ; live as a complete family ; live drug free ; love one another ; work successful jobs ; become distinguished business professionals with careers as Doctors , Lawyers , Television Commentators , Engineers , and “ Yes We Can ” lead this country .

The Black faces that dominate the news channels raping and robbing represent only a small segment of our community – it is the minority and must once and for all be put in its place . The end-time has come for that Successful Black Man and Successful Black Woman to no longer be perceived as the exception but now as the norm . I have always said that if a negative situation exist and has existed for a long time … it is because somebody wants it that way . Change does not just come – it is forced . Mal-Government and Corrupt Business Leaders produced an Ailing Economy on the break of death which forced this Change . see YES WE CAN ! page 14