Chiropractic Viewbook 2019 | Page 2

S t u dy i ng Ch i ropr ac t ic at L i f e U n i v er s i t y Although becoming a chiropractor requires a significant commitment in terms of study, clinical experience and personal motivation, even the process itself is rewarding – especially at Life University (LIFE). That’s because LIFE’s purpose is to provide students with the vision to fulfill their innate potential, the inspiration to engage in a quest for self-discovery and the ability to apply a principled approach to their future roles as leaders in humanitarian service and as citizens in their communities. There’s no better place to make your journey from student to doctor. From its founding in 1974 as a College of Chiropractic, Life University has embraced the understanding of the human body’s innate ability to develop, maintain and heal as long as it is free of interferences. LIFE graduates highly- skilled chiropractors who can correct those interferences and educate patients to accept responsibility for their own health. Chiropractic is a whole-body approach to wellness that maximizes the body’s own ability to be healthy. Today, Life University’s vitalistic vision is sustained in its chiropractic program, which sets the standard for excellence in contemporary healthcare education. LIFE’s chiropractic students range in age and are from all over the world, but they all come to Life University for the same reason: they want to make a difference in others’ lives. Vita l ism: [n] the u nder sta nding a nd pr incipl e th at a l l org a n ic s y stems in the u ni v er se a r e c onscious, self-dev el oping, self-m a in ta ining a nd self-he a l ing. 2 | COLLEGE OF Chiropractic | Life University