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Tips for Grieving during Covid-19


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Fall 2020

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Program Updates

>> Video telehealth now available for individual and family sessions ! Please call your local BeginAgain Counselor to set up your next appointment . Contact info listed below . >> BeginAgain groups are still suspended but are hopefully returning in 2021 ! >> Stay Tuned : We ’ re hoping to hold a virtual holiday event !
National Grief Dates : 9 / 25 - National Day of Remembrance for Traumatic Losses 10 / 13 - Sibling loss day 11 / 21 - Survivors of Suicide Loss 11 / 19 - Children ’ s Grief Awareness Day

Coping through Covid

Supporting Children During a Pandemic

Here at the BeginAgain Children ’ s Grief Center , we are privileged to support children and families through difficult times . As the country continues to experience the covid-19 crisis , we ’ d like to share some helpful tips on calming fears , managing stress and keeping safe .
Tip # 1 : Calm Fears
Research shows that an ageappropriate level of transparency with children and adolescents is necessary in times of stress , change , and uncertainty . In fact , not talking about something can actually make kids worry more ! These conversations provide children with an opportunity to ask questions which lessen anxiety . When providing the information , take into consideration the child ’ s age , development , and maturity .
Tip # 2 : Manage Stress
Stick to a schedule ! Routines that are consistent and structured are calming during times of stress , as they provide a sense of control , predictability and wellbeing . Like all humans , when children are stressed , their bodies respond by activating their stress response systems .
To help children manage these reactions , it is important to both validate their feelings and encourage them to engage in activities that help them self-regulate . Activities such as deep breathing , mindfulness , and gratitude exercises evoke calmness .
Tip # 3 : Keep Safe
Children feel empowered when they know what to do to keep themselves safe . The CDC recommends thoroughly washing your hands as the primary means of staying healthy . So remind kids that they are taking care of themselves and others by washing their hands with soap and water for 20 seconds . The CDC also recommends wearing face masks when in public and maintaining social
distancing .