Childhood story Salt in dishes

It was once upon a time , that if it hadn ' t been , it wouldn ' t have been told .
Once upon a time there was an emperor . This emperor had three daughters . Remaining a widower , he had thrown all his love on the girls . They grew up and saw the diligence that their father put in to raise them , to teach them and to protect them from all evils and hauntings , they also tried with all their power to make him forget the sorrow that had suffered for the death of their mother .
One day , what comes to the king ' s mind is to ask the eldest girl :
- My girl , how do you love me ?
-How can I love you , father ? I love you like honey , she answered , after thinking that what could be sweeter in the world . That ' s all he cut off her head , that ' s all he talked about .
- May you live for me , my girl ; may God make me a part of you .
And also asking the middle girl :