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Bids are awarded at The Cheerleading Worlds qualifying events . Each event producer that hosts a Worlds bid-qualifying event has the discretion to select the processes by which the bids are awarded . Paid-bid sponsors may award up to $ 650 per athlete and two coaches on a bid-winning team . Partial-paid bid sponsors may award up to $ 325 per athlete and two coaches on a bid-winning team . For example , a paid bidwinning team that had two coaches and 31 athletes on the floor at the bid-winning event could be awarded up to $ 21,450 ($ 650 x 33 ). Bid sponsorship funds are not prize money and they are to be used towards the team ’ s USASF Worlds registration package , lodging and / or transportation to Orlando to participate at The Cheerleading Worlds .
NOTE : If the Cheerleading Worlds event is cancelled for any reason , the paid bid sponsorship funds must be returned to the event producer who awarded the funds . Additional expenses incurred will be the responsibility of the team / club . Event producers will not be responsible for late fees if their representing team does not meet the registration deadline . Event producers will not be responsible for added change fees if the representing team has to make changes to the original registration and / or travel .
Paid bids are for athletes who will be on the floor during the team ’ s performance at The Cheerleading Worlds . Reserve athletes or coaches brought to substitute for unplanned occurrences are not covered by paid bids and will not be funded by the sponsoring event producer . Should a substitute and / or an alternate become necessary after submission of a team ’ s Worlds roster and after travel plans have been approved and confirmed , any additional costs associated with those substitution ( s ) must be paid by the club .
At-large bids are generally awarded to runner-up teams or teams scoring next highest to the paid-bid-winning team ( s ). Recipients of at-large bids must pay for their own Worlds registration packages and all other related expenses .
A team that receives and accepts any type of Worlds bid must compete at Worlds in the same division they competed in at the qualifying event where their bid was awarded ( with the exception of Limited Divisions below ). The number of athletes competing on any team at Worlds may not exceed the number of athletes that took the floor with the team at the bidqualifying event .
The 2023 Cheerleading Worlds offers these Senior divisions : 1 . Limited Small ( Includes XS and Small All Girl ) 2 . Limited XSmall Coed 3 . Limited Small Coed
Limited Divisions are reserved for clubs represented by only one team at The Cheerleading Worlds . A team qualifies for a Worlds bid by competing in the traditional division : XSmall ( All Girl ), Small ( All Girl ), XSmall Coed and Small Coed . However , when registering for Worlds , the team has the option to transfer to the appropriate Limited Division or remain in the traditional division in which they earned the bid .
NOTE : Limited Division options are offered exclusively at The Cheerleading Worlds , not during regular season competitions .
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