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7 . Coaching staff , parents , fans and / or other members of the performing club entering the competition boundary before , during or after a performance ( unless in direct response to an obvious athlete injury ). The only people allowed on the performance floor are the competitors and competition personnel .
8 . Participants collapsing to the floor following a performance when an injury does not seem apparent . It will be assumed that any athlete who is not able to maintain a standing position is in need of medical attention and will be treated as such .
9 . Teams will be assessed a point penalty for exhibiting unsportsmanlike , unprofessional , disrespectful and / or unsupportive behavior . The amount of the penalty will be determined by the competition officials . Note : Penalty points will be included with the Worlds score sheets that will be posted on thecheeleadingworlds . net by early 2023 .
A . Judges reserve the right to assess warnings and / or deductions when a team ’ s choreography does not meet the appropriate standards .
B . COVER UP GUIDELINES – - Athletes with non-full top uniforms must wear a t-shirt or other suitable cover up over their uniforms unless they are in the warm-up area , traveling as a group directly to or from the warm up area , or on the performance stage .
C . APPROPRIATE CHOREOGRAPHY — All facets of a performance / routine , including both choreography and music selection , should be appropriate and suitable for family viewing and listening .
D . Examples of inappropriate choreography may include , but are not limited to movements such as hip thrusting and inappropriate touching , gestures , hand / arm movements and signals , slapping , positioning of body parts and positioning to one another .
E . Music or words unsuitable for family listening , which includes , but is not limited , to swear words and / or connotations of any type of sexual act or behavior , drugs , explicit mention of specific parts of the body / torso , and / or violent acts or behavior . Removing improper language or words from a song and replacing with sound effects or other words may still constitute “ inappropriate ”.
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Music or movement in which the appropriateness is questionable or with which uncertainty exists should be assumed by the coach to be inappropriate and removed as to not put their team in an unfortunate situation .
G . MAKEUP — Makeup , if worn , should be uniform and appropriate for both the performance and the age of the athletes . Face / eyelid rhinestones are not allowed . False eyelashes are allowed but may not be decorated in rhinestones or additional jewelry .
H . BOWS — Bows should not be excessive in size ( acceptable bows are generally no more than 4 ” in width ) and should not be a distraction to the performance . Bows should be worn in a manner to minimize risk for the athletes , should be adequately secured and should not fall over the forehead into the athlete ’ s eyes , or block the view of the athlete while performing .

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GENERAL UNIFORM GUIDELINES — No risqué , sexually provocative or lingerie-looking or inspired uniform or garments allowed . All uniform pieces should adequately cover an athlete and must be secured to eliminate any possible wardrobe malfunction . Appropriate undergarments must be worn . In addition to the following guidelines , athletes also must consider that a combination of uniform pieces may also deem a uniform appropriate or inappropriate . ALL garments must properly cover the athlete and the athlete ’ s undergarments during the routine . UNIFORM SKIRT / SHORT GUIDELINES — When a skirt is worn as part of the uniform , briefs under the skirt are required . The skirt must fully cover the hips . The skirt must completely cover the briefs and must fall 1 inch below the briefs ( regular and boy-cut briefs ). When shorts are worn as part of the uniform , there must be a minimum of a 2-inch inseam . UNIFORM TOP GUIDELINES — Uniform tops must be secured by straps or material over at least one shoulder or around the neck ( tube tops are not allowed ). Visit USASF . net for more information about Athlete Performance Standards ( APS ).
The Cheerleading Worlds WILL provide spotters for all competition floors for ALL divisions . All teams during this time MUST use the provided spotters on the competition floor .
A . Teams must follow the level rules and have the required team member spotters in place during the execution of skills while in the rehearsal area .
B . USASF / Club Divisions — The Cheerleading Worlds will have event spotters available upon request in all rehearsal areas . The Cheerleading Worlds WILL NOT require event spotters to be used in the rehearsal areas . USASF / Club division teams may choose to provide their own spotters in the rehearsal area ( referred to as additional spotters ), request to use The Cheerleading Worlds event spotters or elect not to use spotters in the rehearsal . The use of provided spotters or additional spotters is not mandatory and will be at the discretion of the USASF division team coach or club owner . Additional spotters must meet the requirements as listed in item IV D4 on page 26 .
C . IASF Divisions — The Cheerleading Worlds will provide spotters in the rehearsal areas , upon request , for all teams competing in the International Level 5 , 6 and 7 divisions . Teams may also elect to use additional spotters . Additional spotters must meet the requirements as listed in item IV D3 on page 26 . Teams will required to confirm the request for spotters and or confirm their own spotters in the registration form .
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