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to The Cheerleading World Championship 2023 !


Dear Cheerleading World Championship Athletes —
Congratulations on earning your bid to The Cheerleading Worlds 2023 ! You ’ re one step closer to competing on the most prestigious floor , among the most skilled athletes in All Star .

to The Cheerleading World Championship 2023 !

The United States All Star Federation and the International All Star Federation host just two competitions a year – The Cheerleading Worlds TM and The Dance Worlds TM .
Event producers of premier championships sponsor their best teams to compete at these international competitions . Cheer and dance teams from all over the world may qualify to compete in either Senior or International divisions .
In 2023 , an event producer may award up to $ 25,000 for each team they sponsor with a paid bid to The Cheerleading Worlds . Event producers often award multiple bids and will allocate substantial resources to support teams that have participated in their competitions . Teams of the highest distinction are chosen from their prestigious events to represent their respective companies at The Cheerleading Worlds .
We look forward to hosting you in Orlando where the weather is warm , the sun is bright and the excitement begins as soon as you arrive . At Worlds you ’ ll find the perfect place to celebrate , athleticism and passion that we share in the All Star Cheer community .
The USASF wishes you and your loved ones a safe and healthy journey to Worlds . We can ’ t wait to see you in April !
Sincerely ,


Steve Peterson Vice President USASF Events and Corporate Alliances
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