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• It is important that rosters are true and accurate before submitting to a bid-giving event or The Cheerleading Worlds .
• Any team or club found to be in violation of roster guidelines at the bid-qualifying event is not eligible to receive a bid .
• If a bid has been awarded and the team is in violation of the rostering requirements , they will forfeit the awarded bid .
• If a team is found to have made an improper substitution / alternate assignment , or has an illegal team member / crossover , this team
- will be disqualified ;
- may be subject to fines ;
- may be responsible for repaying the total cost of any funds received through a paid bid ;
- may be denied participation ( with the gym ’ s entire cheer club ) in future events including The Cheerleading Worlds the following year ;
- may be subject to USASF membership revocation ; and / or
- may face other disciplinary measures as set forth by the Disciplinary Committee .
• Athletes must be current members of the USASF and listed on the official Worlds roster .
• Athletes must be accompanied by an eligible USASF coach with applicable level credentialing to enter the Worlds warm-up rooms .
• Athletes may not compete in the same division at The Cheerleading Worlds and also at a 2023 end-of-season , multi-brand event .
• Adult athletes ( those who are 18 years and older or will turn 18 before June 1 , 2023 ) must have a current background
screening with a green light determination and abuse prevention training . Exceptional athletes are excluded from this requirement .
• Coaches must be a current club member of the USASF and in good standing with the USASF .
• Coaches must meet eligibility requirements for membership through their USASF member profile .
• Coaches must be credentialed in either building , tumbling , or both up to the level at which their team competed at the bid-qualifying event and will compete at The Cheerleading Worlds .
• Coaches may not send the same team to compete in the same division at both The Cheerleading Worlds and a 2023 end-of-season , multi-brand event .
• Non-coaching club owners may enter the warm-up area with their team if they meet USASF membership eligibility requirements and are accompanied by a coach who meets the above credentialing and membership eligibility requirements .
All cheer teams competing at The Cheerleading Worlds 2023 are required to have a coach , or combination of coaches , with credentials in both building and tumbling through the level of the team . This may be one coach with both skill sets or a combination of coaches who have both skill sets between them . Non-tumbling teams are only required to have a coach with building credentials to the level of the team . These appropriately credentialed coach ( es ) must be on the roster and present in the warm-up room . In addition to the team requirements , all cheer coaches entering the warm-up room must be credentialed in either building , tumbling , or both up to the level of the team .
Coaches WITHOUT credentials prior to arriving in Orlando may be credentialed on-site by appointment .
• To schedule an appointment in advance , contact Angela Bruno , abruno @ usasf . net .
• Coaches will be charged a $ 500 on-site administrative fee in ADDITION to the normal credentialing fee .
• Coaches who fail to make an appointment in advance will pay a $ 200 walk-up fee in ADDITION to the $ 500 on-site administrative fee and normal credentialing fee .
Each coach , club owner and choreographer at The Cheerleading Worlds must have a current USASF membership ID to gain access to the warm-up rooms . Members may generate a complimentary digital ID through the USASF Coach app and / or order a physical ID card through their USASF membership profile for $ 15 . Only individuals with valid ( unexpired ) credentials who meet the following criteria will be permitted with their team in the warm-up rooms :
• must meet all eligibility requirements through their USASF member profile ;
• must be listed on the official event roster of the team competing at The Cheerleading Worlds ;
• must be a member in good standing at the club he / she is representing ;
• must understand that he / she is a representative of the event producer that awarded the team ’ s bid to The Cheerleading Worlds ; and
• agree to act with complete respect , sportsmanship , and graciousness at all times while representing the USASF event producer from whom they received a bid to The Cheerleading Worlds .
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