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Event producers will publish the procedures they will follow for awarding bids prior to the start of their qualifying competition . An event producer may not award more than one bid and / or type of bid to the same team .
Bids are awarded at The Cheerleading Worlds qualifying events . Each event producer that hosts a Worlds bid-qualifying event has the discretion to select the processes by which the bids are awarded .
• Paid bid sponsors may award award up to $ 25,000 per team or $ 650 per athlete and two coaches on a bid-winning team .
• Partial-paid bid sponsors may award up to $ 325 per athlete and two coaches on a bid-wining team .
EXAMPLE : A paid / partial-paid bid-winning team that had two coaches and 31 athletes on the floor at the bid-winning event may be awarded up to $ 21,450 ($ 650 x 33 ). Sponsorship funds should not be considered as prize money ; instead , they are intended to cover expenses related to the team ' s participation in The Cheerleading Worlds , such as the Worlds registration package , lodging and transportation to Orlando .
Paid / partial-paid funds are for athletes who will be on the floor during the team ’ s performance at The Cheerleading Worlds . Reserve athletes or coaches brought to substitute for unplanned occurrences are not funded by paid / partial-paid bids . Should a substitute and / or an alternate become necessary after submission of a team ’ s Worlds roster and after travel plans have been approved and confirmed , any additional costs associated with those substitution ( s ) must be paid by the club .
NOTE : In the event of The Cheerleading Worlds being canceled , sponsorship funds must be reimbursed to the awarding event producer . Any additional expenses arising from this situation will be the responsibility of the respective team or club . Event producers shall not assume responsibility for late fees should their representing team fail to meet registration deadlines . Similarly , event producers will not be accountable for additional change fees should the representing team need to make alterations to their initial registration or travel plans .
At-large bids are generally awarded to runner-up teams or teams scoring next highest to the paid-bid-winning team ( s ). Recipients of at-large bids must pay for their own Worlds registration packages and all other related expenses .
Bid winners are required to confirm their acceptance within 72 hours following the conclusion of the bid-receiving event . Consequently , teams participating in a Worlds bid-qualifying event must make critical decisions in advance , including their commitment to accepting a bid , the roster of participants and travel arrangements . This tight timeframe serves the purpose of minimizing last-minute alterations that can escalate expenses and disrupt the overall travel process .
ACCEPTING A BID To accept a bid , the club must return the Bid Winners Acceptance Form and / or giving verbal approval to the sponsoring event produce with 72 hours after the last day of the bid-receiving event .
Once a team accepts a bid , all required registration materials must be completed by the deadlines noted on page 27 of this guide . Any team holding its registration past the deadline in hopes of receiving a paid / partial-paid bid at a later Worlds bid qualifier , but is ultimately unsuccessful in achieving one , will be charged a late registration fee .
Bids that are not accepted or declined by the deadline may be transferred to an alternate team at the sponsoring event producer ’ s discretion . The sponsoring event producer may not transfer ( hand down ) any unaccepted or declined at-large bid after 96 hours from the last day of the qualifying event .
DECLINING A BID ( to pursue a new bid )
 A team is limited to accepting only one bid for The Cheerleading Worlds within a specific division . If a team has accepted a bid and intends to compete for an upgraded bid ( e . g ., from an at-large bid to a paid bid ), no formal declination is necessary . However , if a team chooses to vie for a similar bid ( e . g ., from at-large to at-large or from paid to paid ), they must officially DECLINE the original bid no later than 11pm EST on the Friday night before the event begins .
The process to decline a bid is as follows :
• The club must log in to their USASF club account at usasfmembers . net .
• On the profile dashboard , locate and click the DECLINE button next to the previously awarded Worlds bid .
• If the bid is not declined by 11pm EST on the Friday before the event , the team will be ineligible to compete for a new bid .
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