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XII . SPORTSMANSHIP All participants agree to conduct themselves in a manner displaying good sportsmanship throughout and following the tournament . The directors , coaches and club owners of each team are responsible for seeing that team members , coaches , parents and any other persons affiliated with the team conduct themselves accordingly . Severe cases of unsportsmanlike conduct are grounds for disqualification as explained in this document above .
XIII . DEDUCTIONS AND DISQUALIFICATIONS Any team in violation of The Cheerleading Worlds Rules and Regulations will be assessed a deduction for each violation . ( A deduction is possible for athlete behavior violations as stated under section IV .) Any team that does not adhere to the terms and procedures of the general competition rules will be disqualified from the competition and automatically forfeit the right to any prizes or awards presented by the competition . In addition , the team my also forfeit the opportunity to participate in The Cheerleading Worlds the following year and may be responsible for repaying the entire cost of any funds received through a 2024 bid .
XIV . SCORES AND RANKINGS Individual judges ’ score sheets are for the exclusive use of each particular judge . Each judge has the responsibility and authority to review and submit their final scores and rankings prior to the final tally of the scores in a particular division . Scores and rankings will be available only to club owners and coaches at the conclusion of each division .
A . All USASF Senior Club divisions will NOT break ties for teams moving to the next round or FINALS placements including Bronze , Silver , and Gold .
B . All IASF International Open divisions will NOT break ties for FINALS placements including Bronze , Silver , and Gold .
C . All IASF International Open divisions WILL break ties for teams moving into FINALS . In such cases , these steps will be followed until the tie is broken :
XV . TOURNAMENT FACILITY The competition is scheduled to be held at ESPN Wide World of Sports ® Complex . The tournament officials shall have the right to alter the time and location of the competition in the event changes become necessary due to final registration , inclement weather , facility problems or other situation deemed by the tournament officials to be essential to the success of the championship .
XVI . APPEARANCES , ENDORSEMENTS , PUBLICITY All teams winning titles , awards or prizes agree to have all appearances , endorsements , and publicity approved through the USASF office .
XVII . USASF LOGO USAGE Teams will not be allowed to use the USASF logo or The Cheerleading Worlds logo on items or apparel including banners , rings , bows , t-shirts , etc .
XVIII . GENERAL SAFETY RULES AND ROUTINE REQUIREMENTS The Cheerleading Worlds follows USASF and / or IASF Cheerleading Rules and Guidelines , depending upon the division . Rules clarifications MAY be made during the season . The Cheerleading Worlds 2024 will follow the most recent posting of the USASF and IASF rules . Please refer to USASF . net or IASFworlds . com for any changes .
XIX . PENALTIES A penalty will be assessed at the discretion of competition officials to any team violating any of the specific rules as stated at TheCheeleadingWorlds . net . This deduction does not apply to violations mentioned above that are designated a lesser point value . If you have any questions concerning the legality of a skill , please visit USASF . net or IASFworlds . com .
Step 1 : The team with the least amount of total performance error deductions will win the tiebreaker .
Step 2 : The team with the highest total score adding up the stunt / pyramid score sheet and the tumbling / jump scores will win the tiebreaker .
Step 3 : Technique-only scores ( does not include combination difficulty / technique categories scores such as dance ) on each score sheet will be added and the highest total will win the tiebreaker .
Step 4 : A panel including the head judge , competition officials , etc . will review both routines and select a winner of the tiebreaker .
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