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I . GENERAL GUIDELINES The Cheerleading Worlds competition will follow the most recent version of the USASF and IASF general rules and age grids . Refer to USASF . net / rules or IASFworlds . com for details .
A . Participants must start and end within the competition boundary and may line up anywhere inside the competition area to begin their routine . The competition area will be determined by the tournament director according to the size of the facility being used . Approximate floor size will be 54 feet wide by 42 feet deep ( 9 panels ). All skills must originate and be completed within the competition boundary . No lineups , skills , or transitions are allowed outside of the competition boundary . The competition boundary is defined as the actual competition floor / spring floor , the carpet bonded foam panels that connect to the spring floor , and any additional border that supports / surrounds the floor . B . A deduction will be assessed per occurrence for an athlete that makes contact outside the competition boundary . NOTE : The deduction amount will be included in Worlds score sheets that will be posted on TheCheeleadingWorlds . net in early 2024 .
C . If a sign or prop is thrown outside the performing area , that team will receive a deduction for each violation . Signs or props may be placed or dropped outside the competition boundary by a team member who must remain inside the competition boundary area . All center markers are prohibited .
A . Timing will begin with the first movement , voice , or note of music , whichever comes first . Timing will end with the last movement , last voice , or note of music , whichever comes last . Routine performance times : 1 . Senior Divisions : 2:30 maximum 2 . IASF Open L5 , L6 and L7 : 2:30 maximum 3 . IASF Non-Tumbling L6 and L7 : 2:00 maximum 4 . IASF Global Club L6 : a . 30 second minimum to 40 second maximum for the
opening cheer portion ; b . 20 second maximum to move from cheer portion and
set up for the music portion ; and c . 2:30 maximum for the music portion .
B . All introductions ( tumbling , entrances , chants , spell-outs , etc .) are considered part of the routine and are timed as part of the performance . There should not be any organized exits or other activities after the official ending of the routine . NOTE : Penalty points will be included with the Worlds score sheets that will be posted on TheCheeleadingWorlds . net in early 2024 .
C . If a team exceeds the time limit , a penalty will be assessed . NOTE : The point deduction amount will be posted when the Worlds Score Sheets are posted on TheCheeleadingWorlds . net in early 2024 .
D . Because penalties are severe , it is recommended that all teams time their performance several times prior to attending the competition and leave a several seconds cushion to allow for variations in sound equipment .
E . All teams at The Cheerleading Worlds may use as many songs in the musical portion of their routine as they like .
F . Routine music used at The Cheerleading Worlds must comply with applicable copyright law . At Worlds , all teams must provide proof of licensing . This will be reviewed during roster check appointments ( see page 13 ). This may include :
• proof of purchase from an approved music provider .
• if using a single song , the receipt from the song ’ s purchase .
• if using an editor , proof of purchase from an approved provider and proof of licensing for all sound effects and voice-overs included in the mix . Editors do not have to be on the preferred provider list but must be able to provide teams these required proofs of purchase and licensing .
NOTE : If you have additional questions about the music guidelines , please contact your USASF regional director .
G . Teams may not use Disney themes nor costumes that resemble Disney characters . However , Disney music is acceptable if the music licensing guidelines are followed .
H . Each team is required to assign a responsible adult who knows the routine and music to stay at the music station during the team ’ s performance . This representative is responsible for starting the music and stopping the music in case of technical malfunction or injury . Please make sure that all devices are fully charged , placed in airplane mode , and the volume is turned up .
A . Athletes participating in The Cheerleading Worlds are expected to demonstrate the highest levels of sportsmanship , respect and support throughout the entire event . On occasion there have been concerns that not all teams consistently uphold a high standard of decorum during the periods surrounding their performances in the competition venues . Additionally , some club members and fans have also been observed not adhering to the expected standards of conduct when viewing the routines .
B . When teams are introduced , they are expected to take the floor within a 30-second window and assume the starting position for their routine . At the conclusion of the routine , competitors are expected to exit the performance floor immediately , again within a 30-second window of time .
C . From the time the team is announced the protocol for entering and leaving the competition floor is expected to reflect a team environment .
D . Actions that exhibit excessive boasting , a delay in competition , poor sportsmanship , unprofessional behavior , etc . may be penalized for by event judges . These actions may include , but are not limited to : 1 . taunting another team . Taunting may be defined as the use of baiting or taunting acts and / or words that engender ill will between teams .
2 . an athlete calling unnecessary attention to themselves ( i . e . high fives , chest bumps , etc .).
3 . excessive pre- or post-competition team rituals ( team bonding traditions must take place behind the stage area ).
4 . public displays of affection .
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