Check it Out! Sedona Public Library Autumn 2015 | Page 10

Meet Our Volunteers G rowing up in the little town of Mayville, Wisconsin, Don and Judy Schwartzmiller met each other when they were five years old. They both went away to college at the University of Wisconsin, got married, and lived in the Milwaukee area until relocating to the Twin Cities to work for 3M. When the time came to think about retirement locations, the couple had an opportunity to visit Sedona. They pulled into the parking area at Bell Rock, got out of their car, and said, “We have to live here!” We’re fortunate they chose Sedona, because Don and Judy have been generously donating their time as volunteers at the Library since 1998. They work together in the interlibrary loan department, sending books on loan from SPL to libraries all over the country, and processing books that other libraries lend to Sedona residents. The Schwartzmillers were recruited as library volunteers by another longterm volunteer who went to their church. Driving up to the Library for the first time, Don and Judy were impressed by the striking building and the statue of Sedona Schnebly—they felt right away they were going to have a good experience. Seventeen years later, the Schwartzmillers are still enjoying their volunteer work. They’ve had fun getting to know many different volunteers and staff members at the Library over time, and each week they are interested to see the far-reaching places an interlibrary loan book might come from or be sent to. When the Schwartzmillers encounter residents who aren’t familiar with interlibrary loan, the couple inform them about the service, in addition to other library offerings such as computer and Internet services. Having worked behind the scenes for nearly two decades, they are aware of how involved the Library is in the community and of the beneficial partnerships the Library has formed with local nonprofit groups—one example they point to is the Veteran’s History Project, an orga- nization they share a workroom with at the Library. Besides helping to make a valuable service possible at the Library through their dedicated work, the Schwartzmillers support the Library by participating in a volunteer grant program sponsored by their former employer, 3M. After a retired employee volunteers 30 hours in a calendar year, 3M provides a grant of $250 to the organization. The couple encourage current and prospective volunteers to find out whether their former employers have a similar program. Above all, Don and Judy want people to know that volunteering at the Library has been a very rewarding experience for them—an opportunity they hope others will take advantage of. Thank you Don and Judy for all that you do! n 70 Dry Creek Rd, West Sedona 928-204-1765 u 10 check it out >