Champions Digest Newsletter-June-2017-GGGA-Final - Page 2

A LETTER FROM GARY Ni Hao from China, My greeting comes to you from afar. It has been a wonderful end to this semester including campers from around the world, our annual end of the year party, many tournaments around the state and graduation of our seniors and post-graduate students. A bittersweet moment in that I was away from the academy for graduation, but I know all of our students are achieving their goals and dreams of playing golf at colleges around the United States. We instituted some new traditions this year including a yearbook and 2017 tshirt including the signature of all students and staff at GGGA, both presented at the end of the year party. Our students were recognized at the party with golf awards, character awards and even fun superlatives. This month we awarded our first Tryout Scholarship. Five students came from around the world and were evaluated in each area of my training system; technical, mental, strategy, physical and character. One lucky student received a $5,000 scholarship to come to the academy for the fall semester. We are thrilled to plan our next scholarship tryout this fall. I’m excited to launch my new app in partnership with SwingxSwing. It is the only personalized and comprehensive 1-on-1 golf instruction & training app in the world: Swing-U. I lead the team of instructors who evaluate each swing submitted and am thrilled to create something that makes getting individual golf instruction simple. It’s amazing to be halfway around the world and every day I’m reminded why I love coaching. I’m here to train the Guangdong National Team and to celebrate GGGA’s new partnership with Shanshan Feng’s junior golf academy here in China. In golf, I see the universal language of hope and dreams in players everywhere. The determination of young golfers across every culture never ceases to amaze me. All the best,