Champions Digest February 2019 | Page 2

A LETTER FROM GARY Dear Friends and Students of GGGA, This time of the year is always exciting for me and GGGA coaching team. After completing our Spring assessments, student training has re- started. Initially, we first had all students rotate through different stations and challenges. Through this analysis, interaction, and observation the GGGA coaching team have built an individual training plan for each student for this semester. I have personally analyzed every student’ s swing. The students are already improving and working hard on the range every day. They are building on their individual skills and working on building consistency through daily practice routines and course play. We are focusing on technique, feel and ultimately competition. I know that if each student believes in this process and commits to their daily practice routines, they will be guaranteed to see improvements. The team wants every player to feel more confident leading into the Spring tournament schedule. We try very hard to have the students set realistic and attainable goals. We want them to have a great attitude and winning mindset and outlook so they can play to their full potential. The biggest challenge is for each student to be patient and work each day with a purpose to achieve results. A little improvement every day adds up to lower scores by the end of the semester. Quality practice with a great attitude will advance a player’s game so that when they play in tournaments, they maintain a simple and instinctive outlook throughout every round. It is important for us to have our families understand and support the steps of the process we implement to build our student-athletes, not only in the golf development training but also in the academic and the college selection process. This path is unique for each student. At GGGA we strive to ask the right questions and provide clear communication so that everyone understands the expectations and milestones that need to be met to achieve the overall goals so a student can fulfill their dreams. University and college coaches love to recruit athletes who come from different countries, states, and academies that are disciplined, mentally resilient and self-motivated and mature enough to handle the pressures of being a college athlete. Our ultimate mission at GGGA is preparing our students to play competitive golf and also make good decisions that propel a student upward in life so they can achieve great success and be proud of their accomplishments. What makes GGGA unique is our students! Our students bring their love and passion to practice every day. Our goal as a team is to create an exciting learning environment that challenges, excites and motivates each student to do their best. At GGGA, we live to create an academy is passionate about our students and cutting edge in junior golf development. All the best,