Chamber Guide 4th edition | Page 4

go explore - hiking T A K E T H E P A T H L E S S T R AV E L L E D A N D AV O I D T H E C R O W D S THE MIGHTY COHOS TRAIL WATERFALLS 170+ miles of true wilderness hiking from the Canadian Border to Crawford Notch. Explore the newly discovered mecca for those on foot. For more information visit 1. D  eer Mountain Cascades. Deer Mt. Trail 2. F  alls in the River. Falls in the River Trail 3. D  ixville Flume. Sanguinary Ridge Trail 4. Huntington Falls. Cascade Falls Trail (two falls) 5. P  ond Brook Falls. Pond Brook Falls Trail EIGHT DAY HIKES These day hikes range from flat and easy to steep and fairly strenuous. Consult the Cohos Trail guidebook for more day hikes. 1. Fourth Connecticut Lake Trail (Pittsburg) 2. Deer Mountain Fire Tower Trail (Pittsburg) 3. Falls in the River Trail (Pittsburg) 4. Mt. Covill Trail (Pittsburg) 5. Mt. Prospect Trail (Pittsburg) 6. Sanguinary Ridge (Dixville) 7. Cascades Trail and Three Brothers Trail to Table Rock (Dixville) 8. Gadwah Notch Trail (Nash Stream Forest) 3,000 AND 4,000-FT PEAKS 3,000 FOOTERS Deer Mountain - 3,005 ft Magalloway Mt. - 3,360 ft Mt. Sanguinary - 3,070 ft Mud Pond Ridge - 3,022 ft Dixville Peak - 3,482 ft Baldhead Mt. - 3,097 ft Muise Mt. - 3,610 ft North Percy Peak - 3,418 ft South Percy Peak - 3,220 ft 4,000 FOOTERS Mt. Cabot - 4,160 ft Mt. Waumbek - 4,006 ft Mt. Eisenhower - 4,761 ft Mt. Isolation - 4,004 ft 4 NORTH COUNTRY CHAMBER OF COMMERCE TOP 10 HIKING ESSENTIALS 1. Map 2. Compass 3. Water & protein bars 4. First aid kit 5. Sharp knife 6. Wool cap 7. Rain poncho 8. Flashlight 9. Sun protection 10. Insect Repellent