ChaiLites September 2013 | Page 3

Kol Sason, cont’d SING! God is Our God, God is One! Would we perhaps be more joyful; anticipating, listening, praising and obeying a singing God? Would we find fulfillment and sing along? We are now well into the month of Elul, the 29 day period preceding the Yomim Noraim when the Shofar is blown daily and when Rabbis in every generation have encouraged us all to do the personal work of T’shuvah or “turning” - transforming ourselves for the better. Though it’s true, we have been rushed into this Holy Day season, the earliest one in 114 years, even now, with but two weeks or less before the High Holy days we still have time to takea ‘cheshbon hanefesh’ – an accounting of the soul, time for selfexamination and to ‘Sh’ma Yashir Eil’ to Listen for God’s Song and to sing along. This personal work done now in Elul, its proper season, will open our hearts and souls to the life changing decrees of repentance, prayer and charity that God sings anew to us every day and at each High Holy Day season. May the sound of the Shofar and the beauty and nearness of God’s song call you to a High Holy Day season of health, deep joy, gratitude and personal growth. Shanah Tovah, Cantor Scott Simon and Family Attention B’nei Mitzvah Families If Your Child Will Soon Become A Bar Or Bat Mitzvah Please don’t forget to submit a photo for the ChaiLites at least three (3) months prior to your ceremony. Drop off, mail or email a clear photo of your child with his/her name and date of their service on the back. If sending a jpg, please put the child’s name and date of the service in the subject line and email it to [email protected]. Also, please return the B’nei Mitzvah form so we know how you would like your name(s) listed on the B’nei Mitzvah page and all other publicity. Your Pastoral Needs Temple Chai cares about you... We want to