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Dear Donald J. Trump,

Shall I even give you the respect of addressing you by your full name? I am a queer person of color. I identify as gender queer. I am black. Born in Cincinnati, OH. I plan to get married to a woman. The gender on my birth certificate is female. I know five women and counting on the top of my head that have had legal abortions. They all say it was the hardest decision they have ever made in their life and still confront the pain of their decision on a daily basis. I am also an athlete, college graduate, and planning on returning to school for my Masters. I dabble in writing and live in Los Angeles, CA. I am going through a recent break-up and purchased a new car, got a raise and promotion at my job. I present as masculine. I have loving friends and family and I have voted since I was 18… for the Democratic Party.

Outside of the “radical” descriptions and content I present to you, I am no different than the other working class citizens you have been trying to persuade to vote for you….

I introduce myself in this way because most people with this description, especially females and people of color of all creeds, nationalities, and ethnicities believe you are against us. We can’t trust you. Your views vacillate among a moderate republican, progressive democrat, to a tea party member coming from the Ku Klux Klan… literally.

Your supporters are extreme right wing conservatives who judging by their outlook of America, would prefer for the Nation to go back 100 years before the Civil War even started, when the South was a booming economy from the bloody whipped backs of enslaved men, women, and children. Harsh? I think not, when you assume all Muslims are radical terrorists or all immigrants are illegal and criminals and rapist. Isn’t your wife an immigrant?

The way you describe Hispanics and Latinos… immigrants, Muslims, pretty much anyone that is not a white privilege male. Scratch the privilege description. All white males are privileged, but you seem to make the lower-class and middle-class males think they have to fight for their borders and their rights to education and freedom. Please.

I understand my assumptions may be exaggerated. But aren’t I just bringing fuel to your fire-inflamed, nonsensical words without merit? The dogma you spew about your destructive economic plan or the ways in which you believe President Barack Obama is an ISIS leader… Empty words for an empty campaign. It’s utterly terrifying how you’ve used Nazi symbolism to promote your agenda and feel this type of propaganda is supportive to your campaign… No wonder the polls are sliding out of your favor, people are making sense of your illogical, harmful, hate speech.

The rhetoric. The abrasive tone. The crass and sexist language towards the female Democratic nominee running against you. The malice in your voice and lack of compassion in your words and overall degrading, debasing, and racist beliefs you have will not make you President.

This is NOT a reality show to present as the loudest and most likely individual to get into a fight. Progression will always be the way of the world, in our minds and in our hearts. Progression will elect a female President. Progression elected our first Black President. Progression allowed for the majority of the States in this Nation to have

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66 | Ceres Magazine | Fall 2016

Dear Readers,

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