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that your generation could contribute to protecting the most basic women's rights?


Sarah: I believe women must support and build up other women if we have any hope of moving our society forward. Unfortunately, we have to overcome the terror of rape culture. But that’s something I firmly believe my generation is capable of.


Ceres: What's your opinion on the presidential run, and the candidates? 


Sarah: Our presidential election is exemplary of the palpable sexism in our society. At best, reporters discuss what Hillary was wearing while discussing Donald Trump's qualifications.  I'm ashamed that most of the country is ignoring  that Hillary Clinton has significantly more political  experience, a law degree, and expressed egalitarian values in favor of a man who justifies hatred in every form. The thought of that mercurial and spiteful man having access to nuclear launch codes deeply terrifies me. Yet, thousands of Americans see him as the better alternative. His international policy of modified isolationism would financially destroy our country and endanger our allies, not to mention the countless suffering people around the world who rely on U.S.-led humanitarian aid.


Ceres: Why do you think people are so desperate for a change?


Sarah: Well, after two terms of a Democratic president, most of the country will want a Republican to take the office.  That’s simply a trend in the U.S. presidential elections’ popular votes. On a visceral level, I believe Americans are angry with the economy, but also police violence and rape culture evidenced on a daily basis. So many turn to a candidate who unites his constituents with pure hate. But hatred is not the option. Our best option is to elect local representatives we truly believe can affect policy change in Congress. On a national level, we should elect a candidate who can best represent our country’s values and unite our citizenry.


Ceres: What are your thoughts on Black Lives Matter?

 Sarah: The Black Lives Matter movement brought to light the fact that at least 102 unarmed black people were killed in 2015, nearly twice each week (Mapping Police Violence). What’s more,

unarmed black people were killed five times as much as unarmed whites that year, according to the same source. But the worst part about this movement is white people’s reaction to it. Only 25% of whites believed the Black Lives Matter movement was about racial discrimination in 2015. Many white people believe racism is just as bad for them as it is for African Americans.

Ceres: How do you think this movement can make a difference in our society?

Sarah: It’s important to support this movement so we can affect political change. Our education system needs serious reform. White racism and lack of knowledge about Africa versus African

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"This decade has produced the most racist school system the United States has seen in years."

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