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always been a reflection



Ceres: Tell me a bit more about your craft? 


Sarah: I’m at the start of my career, really. So I’m taking a lot of improv, acting, and writing classes. I should say I have a few credits. But my short-term goal lies in commercial acting.


Ceres: What brought you to it?


Sarah: I always loved musical theater but fell out of it and into debate in high school. In college, I studied political science and became more enraged with the backwards perspective of the way American institutions treat women, different races, and the queer community. But I still wanted to entertain. I ended up acting to understand different perspectives.

Ceres: What's your view on the role of women in this society?

Sarah: I think in the states, for example, women are viewed as weaker and less capable than men. So much so that domestic and sexual violence is often condoned or ignored. Multiple sources state that one out of every sixth American woman has been a victim of an attempted or completed rape in her lifetime; something I’ve

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Sarah Murray is a tutor, who supports the staff at a local elementary school. But her true passion is acting.

She considers herself an egalitarian feminist Democrat, and graduated UCLA with a political science degree.

Born in Orange County, she had the opportunity to travel to many parts of the world.

Women's role in Society



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Sarah Murray