Ceres Magazine Issue 4 - Fall 2016 | Page 39

39 | Ceres Magazine | Fall 2016

Barbara M., 73, Retired, Los Angeles, California.

The things Trump says give me cold cheers. It feels like he wants to go back to slavery. I watch political channels all day. I am for Clinton because she has the experience.

Chris Duran, 27, Operations Coordinator, San Francisco, California.

Today's society has learned from the mistakes of societies’ past. Communities are more inclusive and mindful of their surroundings, and the people they serve. It's never been more pivotal for the women to stand and lead. Culture has bred women to be our beautiful mothers, but now society calls on them to be fearless leaders to govern our nations. Fighting on the front lines, the woman has always proven that she can stand and be the rock she's always been.

The rise of the Woman is here. Her grace has always been here, but it's her fearlessness that will guide and better our future. She is intelligent and strong, courageous and enlightening. She is Woman, and she has our attention!

Cristina, 38, Business Manager, Gardena, California.

This presidential election has become more like a circus. We are focusing on things that are far less important, like the antics of the candidates, as opposed to the future of our country. 

Blanca, 38, Property Manager, Anaheim, California

My man is black and I'd be lying if I said I didn't fear for his life. I do, however, believe that there's more good cops than bad ones, and that the handful of bad ones are giving the good ones a bad name.