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As a teenager, Jim Cook wanted one thing: to play guitar like Eddie Van Halen. But that changed when a certain high school cheerleader toyed with his heart. Annoyed and confused, Jim turned to his guitar and wrote his first song.

Since then, Jim's tales of romantic frustration have produced a library of songs that swim alongside popular hits from Jason Mraz, Jack Johnson, John Mayer and Jamiroquai. Cook's debut single, "Chasin' You," was produced by Dirk Lance, one of the founding members of Incubus, and compares Cook's ambivalent lover's return to a being eaten alive by a shark.

Cook honed his chops as songwriter and lead vocalist for touring alt/pop band The Big Creak. The band’s performance of Cook’s “23” is featured in the opening credits of Universal's Winter Break, and other songs from its catalog have been heard on HBO, VH-1, Discovery and more.

Jim Cook continues his acoustic tour of Southern California and select cities in the Midwest, including his home state of Ohio. He currently lives in Los Angeles where he fights the urge to spend all of his time on Tinder.

One can find his music on his website: www.jimcookmusic.com

Or purchase his single on iTunes.


Jim Cook - Chasin' You

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Jim Cook

Al Mohymont and Jim Cook

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