Ceres Magazine Issue 4 - Fall 2016 | Page 34

Artists' Corner

Phil Tallo Project - Live For The Day

Phil Tallo Project’s album, Live For The day, is a beautiful mix of pop rock songs and ballades, with a hint of country rock “Rosemary” and even a Pink Floyd lingering feel “Fire And Ice”. The album has a very positive vibe that makes you want to dance or sing along, and sensual ballades that holds great emotional power, all wrapped up with passionate lyrics. My favorites songs are “Reality” and “Lost In A Dream”.

Let’s add that Phil Tallo is a also an accomplished pianist. Born and raised in St. Louis, MO, his passion for music sparked at an early age as he began taking piano lessons at the tender age of 6, and started writing songs by the age of 15.  In 2003, he graduated from Webster University—one of the top performing arts colleges in the Midwest—with a Bachelor's Degree in Music. Later that year, he moved to the City of Angels to pursue his dream of becoming a successful songwriter and music producer.

After touring all over Southern California with his own band for almost a decade, Phil decided to take a behind-the-scene backseat, a few years ago. He discovered a hidden talent for writing and producing for other artists as well as helping to develop and promote them.  Although he still plays live shows from time to time, promoting his own music, his priorities have shifted towards the recording studio and the collaboration with other musicians.  Aside from being a very talented songwriter/producer and piano player, Phil Tallo is dedicated to helping other aspiring musicians find success, and stand apart as prime artists in an extremely competitive industry.

One can find his album on iTunes


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