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The Fielder Field of Dreams : can a taproom bring people together ?

By Shawna Graves

The Fielder family likes to learn and explore on their vacations . So when Tim , the youngest of two sons , approached parents Lisa and Guy about his desire to leave corporate America and become a professional brewer , he had their full support . So much so , that family vacations began to look more like scouting expeditions , as they visited brewpubs in England , taprooms on the west coast , and all their favorite breweries in the state of Texas . They were paying close attention to what they loved about the industry so they could develop their own dream brewery .

Lisa and Guy both grew up in Pecos , but it ’ s the mountains of Big Bend that capture their hearts . “ The Davis Mountains are home ,” Lisa says .
Lisa , the PR arm of the business and chief of fun designs , went to college at Sul Ross State University for part of her academic career . She later transferred in pursuit of her master ’ s in architecture . But she was lucky to come of age during a golden era in the Big Bend . Her sister married and moved to a ranch near Balmorhea , creating another permanent link . Lisa recalls exploring the area when it was sparsely populated and hardly visited , even less so than now . The Davis Mountains ’ most recognizable destinations , the springs at what is now Balmorhea State Park , and the facilities at what is now Davis Mountains State Park , were at that time still private property . Lisa fondly recalls coming and going to those places with a sense of ease . “ We felt as if at all belonged to us ,” she says .
Her bond with the Big Bend is largely through nature . She grew up taking a microscopic view of the world around her , looking at bugs and plants . When she was a child , and her father was recovering from a heart attack , part of his therapy was to walk . The two would walk together at night looking at stars and the grandeur of West Texas night skies was programmed into her soul . Later , she joined the Tierra
The Fielders ’ love of brew hopping began with their first family visit to the Princess Louise pub in London in 2010 .
Grande Master Naturalist class of 2018 , sopping up the science lessons about this region with relish . She continues to be active with the Dark Skies Team , a group of night sky aficionados seeking to elevate night sky love in Alpine .
Lisa is keenly observant . “ People want to be outside ,” she says . “ If nature is beautiful , then it ’ s even better . And if you can learn something , that ’ s an even bigger bonus .”
That observation is driving her approach to the taproom build . She gets carried away dreaming up design ideas that reflect her love of the region in all its naturalist wonder . She brought in a team of creatives to help bring the vision to life .
Native landscaping by local botanist Michael Eason will dominate the property . As a master naturalist , Lisa is looking forward to showcasing the plants that define the Chihuahuan Desert and has been inspired by visits to botanic gardens that make the landscape an

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