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library ’ s services . To make telehealth available to the largest number of people possible , the library will be contracting the University of North Texas Health Science Center , the medical care network used by many other libraries . UNTHSC covers both Medicare and Medicaid to provide access to all income levels in the community .
Getting people comfortable with the technology is an important hurdle to cross , according to Connery . “ It can be challenging . Telehealth in libraries is trying to combine two things – seeing a doctor through virtual technology and changing how the community views their library . For many people , when you hear the word library , you think , ‘ When I was in fourth grade , I loved to be in the stacks and smell the books .’ Well , that ' s not what we do anymore . Setting up a medical appointment
Melissa Henderson testing out telehealth equipment
By eliminating the stigma and the barriers , and providing a private , safe setting , libraries hope that people will see them as a resource for better health in addition to a provider of books . Being at the vanguard of this emerging technology , there ’ s no roadmap and little funding . To alter mindsets and build the trust and confidence needed to get people to come the library for medical care , Bishop says , “ We just keep spreading the word . If we can get people comfortable with the technology and seeing that the library can offer a safe place to get health care , we can transform our community ’ s wellbeing .”
At the front lines of helping people through these transitions are the librarians who , on a daily basis , help people accomplish tasks they can ’ t do at home -- make prints , log on to the
at a library is not on many people ’ s radar , yet .”
Jeff County Library is experiencing a similar challenge . Nineyear-old Alyssa Chavez summed up the concerns when her aunt , Angel Chavez , brought her into the library to check out the telehealth room . At the end of the visit Alyssa said , “ I feel like I ' d be a little nervous at first . Trying new things can be scary . But it ’ s
internet , check their emails and now access their doctors . As Rubio left the library , she and librarian Barb Scarboro discussed the impact the room could have on their life . “ It could be a life changer for so many older people ,” Barb commented . Rubio agreed , “ Being able to come down the street to see my doctor can make all the difference .” �
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