Cenizo Journal Summer 2021 - Page 29

Indian Head Trail
Sixteen Steps determined it is to survive in its environment .
Our State and National parks are numerous and taking the time to travel to the furthest reaches could be considered a rite of passage for Texans . The picturesque landscapes of our State and National parks gift us a variety of scenery : dense piney woods , coastal shores , and places of geologic and historical significance . Strike up a conversation with any casual hiker or naturalist and they will quietly tell you about their special place in a park . And if
Chisos Mountain Jackalope
you ’ re reading this and thinking to yourself that you can ’ t name a spot , then now is a good time to get outside and explore .
The quiet peace that brings people back to the Big Bend region gives a false impression of an uninhabited land . There are times when you can hike for hours and not see another soul ; however , the history of Big Bend and its peoples are steeped in conflict and blood . The region was home to indigenous North American tribes and the Comanche Trail was a major migratory route within the region . When the early American settlers came to the region creating outposts and homesteads , numerous battles were fought over the land and its resources . Though these battles are a distant memory , the magic and myths are written in the landscape . The Big Bend region is growing quickly in popularity and I hope that viewers of my work see and feel my reverence for the land and its rich history .
I feel strongly that we are all stewards of these parks , and our relationship with public lands should be cherished and celebrated . It is this understanding that I strive to capture in my paintings .
Cenizo Summer 2021